American Roulette High Stakes

American Roulette High Stakes is a game designed by Pariplay. Launched on May 3, 2021; it is among the developer’s five table games whose other entries are American Roulette (May 2021), European Roulette (April 2021), European Roulette Deluxe (November 2018), and European Roulette High Stakes (April 2021).

An American roulette-style game, the part title “high stakes”—like in European Roulette High Stakes— denotes its huge bets for high rollers. Themes: playing card suits.

American Roulette High Stakes Game Characteristics

Pressing the starry loading page’s green-and-golden “play” icon leads to the American Roulette High Stakes’ interface, which is set on a red diamond-patterned background. Its emerald green roulette table, which has a glossy cinnamon-colored frame and a rounded rectangular shape, is conjoined with a double-framed cinnamon-and-yellow round roulette wheel on the left.

American Roulette High Stakes has nine colorful casino chips, which are lined at bottom center and encircled by white playing card suits: blue $1, red $2, red $5, turquoise $10, purple $25, red $50, red crimson $100, orange $500, and pink $1K.

The American Roulette High Stakes bet types: straight up (numbers 00, 0 and 1-36), split bet, street bet, corner bet, five bet, line bet, column bet, dozen bet (1st-12, 2nd-12, or 3rd-12), black/red bet, even/odd bet, and high/low bet (low 1-18 low, or high 19-36).

The American Roulette High Stakes’ table limitations: clicking the $1 chip automatically places the $2.00 minimum bet instead; and $2000.00 maximum bet. However, the minimum and maximum stakes vary for the bet options. Straight up: $2.00 minimum and $20.00 maximum bets. Split bet: $2.00 minimum and $40.00 maximum bets.

Street bet: Split bet: $2.00 minimum and $60.00 maximum bets. Corner bet or five bet: $2.00 minimum and $80.00 maximum bets. Line bet: $2.00 minimum and $120.00 maximum bets. Column bet, or dozen bet: $10.00 minimum and $140.00 maximum bets. Black/red, or odd/even, or high/low bets: $10.00 minimum and $160.00 maximum bets.

American Roulette High Stakes has an optional racetrack that pops up at top left after clicking the oval icon beside the chips. The racetrack’s options—set using the accompanying -/+ icons—are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 neighbor bets.

The light green icons rotates the roulette ball whose stoppage spot—displays “winning number…”—determines the American Roulette High Stakes payouts: straight up pays 35:1; split bet pays 17:1; street bet pays 11:1; corner bet pays 8:1; five bet pays 6:1; line bet pays 5:1; column bet, or dozen bet (first 12, second 12, or third 12) pays 2:1; black/red bet, or even/odd bet, or high/low bet (low 1-18 low, or high 19-36) pays 1:1. American Roulette High Stakes has (35X2000) a $70000.00 maximum win.

The good American Roulette High Stakes HTML5-based software: starry icon for “favorite” bets set up options (pops up at far left); game history at top right; stoppable wheel; bet re-bet, doubling, cancellation and undoing icons; full screen; and turbo mode. The auto spin settings stop after: 10, 20, 25, 50, and 100 rounds; on win; $28.00 to $1972.00 loss limit; and $1.00 to $280.00 win, or single limits.

Animated 3D graphics: spinning and rotating roulette wheel; ripple effect; and glowing. Sound effects: chinking chips and rattling ball.

Luck in American Roulette High Stakes

A game of chance, American Roulette High Stakes has a 94.74% RTP rate and 5.26% house edge. » Games » American Roulette High Stakes
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