American Roulette Privee

American Roulette Privee is a September 2017 game developed by WorldMatch and distributed by Play Labs. It is among the developer’s three American variants—others: American Roulette (May 2018) and American Roulette Pro (December 2017)—and in its Privee series that also includes W Ruleta Privee (February 2020), Hi-Lo Privee (February 2020), French Roulette Privee (July 2018), and Fair Roulette Privee (August 2017).

American Roulette Privee Game Characteristics

The mobile version’s loading page—unlike in a desktop—prompts the player to “play audio?”, where pressing the tick mark or “X” leads to the glossy gray-framed red roulette table. The players can only choose the inside and outside bets as the game lacks a racetrack.

American Roulette Privee’s four casino chips are at bottom right (bottom center in mobile versions): $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, and $200.00—includes a bet-canceling “X” chip.

The types of bets in American Roulette Privee: straight up (any lone number from 0,00-36), row 00 (0, 00 bets), split bet (including basket bets 0, 1, 3; 00, 2, 3; 0, 00, 2), street bet, corner bet, five bet, line bet, column bet (first column, second column, or third column), dozen bet (first 12, second 12, or third 12), black/red bet, even/odd bet, and manqué bet (low 1-18) or passe bet (high 19-36).

American Roulette Privee has two sets of bet limits. Straight up bet, or street bet, or split bet, or corner bet, or five bet, or line bet require between $10.00 minimum bet and $200.00 maximum bet. Column bet, or dozen bet, black/red bet, even/odd bet, or high/low bet between $20.00 minimum bet and $400.00 maximum bet. American Roulette Privee’s table limit: $10.00 minimum and $7000.00 maximum bets.

The game-starting “>” icon—between “autoplay” and “clear bets/rebet”—at center bottom (far right in mobile versions) prompts the French instructions “Les Jeux Sont Fait! [the stakes are set]” and “Rien Ne Va Plus! [no more bets, please]”. The desktop version is fitted with a golden roulette wheel, which pops up in the mobile version.

An English dealer announces the outcome before the French prompt “faites vos Jeux [place your bets]”.
The American Roulette Privee’s payouts: straight up pays 35:1; row 00 bet pays 17:1; split bet pays 17:1; street bet, or basket bet pays 11:1; corner bet pays 8:1; five bet pays 6:1; six line bet pays 5:1; any column bet, or any dozen bet pays 2:1; black/red bet, or even/odd bet, or high/low bet (low 1-18, or high 19-36) pays 1:1. Non-progressive jackpot: $7000.00.

The American Roulette Privee software: HTML5 technology; social media-sharing; full screen; playing history; and game settings, with 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, or infinity auto play rounds.

Desktop users can not only access—and reset—the cold and hot numbers, but—for quick multiple bet placement—also either use the standard bets (five bet/top line, basket bets—1 piece each, with $10.00 values; snake bet’s 12 pieces at $120.00; row 00 bet’s 2 pieces at $20.00) or customize in the “user bets” section.

Animated 3D graphics: screen grab pop-up; the idling roulette wheel spins counterclockwise but, during the gameplay, spins clockwise contrary to the ball rotating counterclockwise. Mutable sounds: ambient French lounge instrumental music; French and English female dealers, chinking, rattling, swishing, and creaking sound effects.

Luck in American Roulette Privee

American Roulette Privee is a game of luck. RTP rate: 94.73%. House edge: 5.27%. » Games » American Roulette Privee
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