French Roulette Pro

French Roulette Pro is a January 2020 table game distributed by Play Labs. Its developer WorldMatch’s suchlike offshoots: French Roulette and French Roulette Privee (July 2018). French Roulette Pro is forth in the four-game “Pro” series that also consists of Fair Roulette Pro (January 2018), American Roulette Pro (December 2017), and W Ruleta Pro (2018).

WorldMatch’s twelve roulette games also include W Ruleta Privee (February 2020), W Ruleta (June 2018), Fair Roulette, Fair Roulette Privee (August 2017), American Roulette (May 2018), and American Roulette Privee (September 2017).

French Roulette Pro Game Characteristics

French Roulette Pro’s wooden-and-golden roulette wheel, racetrack and betting grid are on a royal blue roulette layout, which is atop a gold-lined gray-and-red mahogany table in a flowery casino hall. French Roulette Pro has a zero among its 37 number for its three sets of bets—table, call, and special bets—in the French language.

The six inside options: plein (straight up) bet; cheval (split) bet; transversale pleine (street) bet; carre (corner) bet; transversal simple/sixain (six-line) bet; and quatre premier (0/1/2/3 bet) bet. Inside bets’ limits: $1.00 minimum and $20.00 maximum bets.

The outside choices: rouge/noir (red/black) bet; pair/impair (even/odd) bet; manque/passe (1 to 18/19 to 36) bet; douzaine (dozen) bets namely Premiere “P12” (1st 12) bet, Milieu “M12” (2nd 12) bet, and Derniere “D12” (3rd 12) bet; and colonne (column) bets namely first “<” column, second “<” column and third “<” column. Outside bets’ limits: $2.00 minimum and $40.00 maximum bets. The four call bets and their limits. Serie 5/8: $6.00 minimum and $120.00 maximum bets. Orph: $5.00 minimum and $100.00 maximum bets. Serie 0/2/3: $9.00 minimum and $140.00 maximum bets. Zero: $4.00 minimum and $80.00 maximum bets. The standard bets and limits: red splits, final 0, final 1, final 2, final 3, final 4, final 5, and final 6 have $4.00 minimum and $80.00 maximum bets; final 7, final 8, and final 9 $3.00 minimum and $60.00 maximum bets; black splits and third section of wheel have $6.00 minimum and $120.00 maximum bets; full orphans have $8.00 minimum and $160.00 maximum bets; and snake bet has $12.00 minimum and $240.00 maximum bet. Table limits: $1.00 minimum and $700.00 maximum. French Roulette Pro’s payouts: plein pays 35 to 1 (maximum single win; cheval pays 17 to 1; transversale plein pays 11 to 1; carre, or quatre premier pays 8 to 1; six-line pays 5 to 1; premiere P12, Milieu M12, Derniere D12, or Colonne pays 2 to 1; and rouge/noire, or pair/impair, or manque/passe pays 1 to 1. It has a non-progressive jackpot. The French Roulette Pro features: HTML5 game; full screen; an extra panel for hot/cold numbers and user bets; game history; French pre-spin audio and textual cues, and English post-spin audio prompts; mobile and desktop versions; and 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 customizable auto-plays. Sounds: French and English female dealers; rattling, chinking and gobbling effects; and soulful background music. The animated 3D graphics: spinning wheel; and rotating and bouncing ball.

Luck in French Roulette Pro

French Roulette Pro is a game of luck. RTP rate: 97.30%. House edge: 2.70%. » Games » French Roulette Pro
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