Wild Viking

Wild Viking Roulette

Most people think that going to a casino whether online or physically involves either playing cards or roulette. But what if they are joined together?

A better version of both cards and roulette is out and its called Wild Viking. And you can play it at both Paddy Power and Titan Casino.

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Card roulette games are types of games that combine roulette and cards. The numbers on the roulette wheel are replaced by cards. In a normal card roulette game, there are usually, 54 cards and two of them are jokers. The rules of playing integrate the rules of both roulette and card games. Betting is done on the 52 cards while the jokers are considered as zeros. Wild Viking combines the rules of the two most popular casino games to make one amazing game and it is incredible and something that must be tried.

Features of Wild Viking

When you bet any of the 52 cards, you are betting against a dealer or a banker depending on the casino. since it combines both roulette and poker, you make the bets on a table that resembles the roulette table. In this case, it is called the Wild Viking table.

The table displays all the 54 betting possibilities. Once you have chosen a bet to and you have placed it, it is the turn of the banker. He will draw five cards and deal them. The cards will be face up. With Wild Viking, you can make as many bets as possible provided you can afford them.

How to play Wild Viking online

There is a series of steps involved in playing the Wild Viking. You first need to click on a chip or several chips to make a bet. Once you have done that and you are satisfied with your bets, you can click the deal button.

Once you have made your deal, the five cards are drawn by the game dealer and that is where the real gambling takes place. The last card that will be drawn is what will determine what the outcome of the bets will be. If it is a joker, then only the Wild Viking, poker and progressive bets win. The first and last card will define the outcome of the Wild Viking bet.

How do you place bets while playing Wild Viking?

For you to play Wild Viking Roulette successfully, you need to understand the bets and what they stand for. There are several types of bets you can place in the Wild Viking.

  1. Roulette bets – in these kinds of bets, any single card that you bet on only wins if it matches the card drawn last by the banker. The chance of winning here is 51 to 1 because you are fighting against 51 different cards. For any two definite adjacent cards, you win if the card drawn last by the dealer matches any of the two cards. The chances are better in this case because the chance of winning is 25 to 1. For four cards, the dealer’s fifth card needs to match any of the four. You have higher chances of winning because you are fighting against 12 cards only.

    For any rank chosen the fifth dealers card needs to match the rank chosen. Even when it comes to ranks, you can pick several off them and the banker’s fifth card should match either of the ranks for you to win.

    You can even bet on odd or even numbers. You as the player bet against the dealer and you gamble on whether the dealer will pull an even or odd card. There are higher chances of winning in this case. When choosing the color game, you bet on whether the fifth card the banker will draw a red or black card. If you bet on suits then the chances of winning are 3 to 1.

  2. Wild Viking – this is a special bet. It is determined by the first and last cards drawn by the dealer. If they are both jokers then the Wild Viking becomes the hand. The chances of payout are 1250 to 1 due to the slim chances of this happening .
  3. Poker bets – poker bets will only win if the matching combination is drawn by the banker. You can also win if the dealer draws a better combination. For instance, if you bet on 2 pairs or a better combination, you win if the banker brings out a flush. A flush is a group of five cards that are of the same suit.
  4. Progressive jackpot – this likelihood of winning a progressive jackpot gives the game a new aspect. There is a chance to win a lot and that is why it is called a jackpot. Here, you need the last and first cards drawn by the dealer to be jokers. You also need the other three cards to be mounting. They can be ace, queen, king or ten.
  5. You can bet on different betting areas while playing the Wild Viking; the center betting area, the top betting area and the bottom betting area. With all the different dimensions of this game, you stand a chance to win. Knowing how to place your bets and your chances of payouts is actually the most essential thing when it comes to playing Wild Viking. The good thing about playing online is that the comfort of your home gives you the chance to experiment with different bets without fear of intimidation.

    Different approaches can be used for this game. If you have been playing roulette for a while then you will have the urge to place many bets to increase your chance of winning. This game invites several lines of thinking. You can have progressive betting like in the traditional roulette so as to cover a larger field. You can even use the poker approach to play it. You make your bets blindly and you gamble. You can pick on the weaker hands which will most likely pay up.

    Betting on the progressive jackpots depends on the amounts of funds available. As you can see, there are different ways of playing this. They are all fun and give you enough room to make some big bucks.

    Where to play Wild Viking Roulette

    There are a few different places where you can play this awesome approach to Roulette

    For the Europeans players you can head over to Paddy Power. They offer Wild Viking Roulette as well as numerous other versions you are sure to enjoy.

    For everyone else you can head to Titan Casino. Also a fantastic casino with plenty of versions of Roulette. » Games » Wild Viking
    #1 Roulette Casino for Americans
    4 Roulette games, Table Mania Tuesdays!