Zoom Roulette

Zoom Roulette is a 3D casino table game that is a popular variant to the standard European Roulette game. The only difference is the zoom capabilities of the wheel after spinning it. The wheel rises so that you have an up close view of where the ball lands. European Roulette differs from American Roulette by one number; European has single 0 option and American has single 0 and 00 option. The game has come to be one of the most popular online casino games available and like previously mentioned, is based solely on the European Roulette version.

How to Play Zoom Roulette

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The goal of the any roulette game is to guess where the ball is going to land. Sounds pretty easy right? It is a lot easier said than done. Of course, making a guess is easy; however determining where the ball will land is more calculated and complicated. You place your chips on the desired position. The chips are used in values of 1, 5, 25 and 100. The bets range from 1 to 1000. Part of the first step is determining how much you are willing to bet. You have the ability to place as many chips as you would like up to the table maximum. You can choose whether the ball will land on a certain number, group of numbers (such as odd/even, 1-18 or 19-36) or black or red.

After placing your bet, you simply click the spin button and you’re off. There are other options available as well such as clear, repeat and history. The clear option allows you to clear all bets; if this option is selected, you will need to place different bets before spinning the wheel. The repeat option allows you to repeat a previous bet. The history option simply allows you to view previous spins of where the ball landed.

When placing bets, it is important to know the different types of bets there are and what they mean. There is an additional betting option which is why some claim that Zoom roulette is aimed towards a more advanced roulette player. However, this option is not available everywhere. The bets are separated into 2 categories: inside bets and outside bets. Inside bets are bets placed inside the roulette table. Outside bets are placed outside the number on the roulette table. The various bet types are similar to those of any roulette game. Take a look at each one of these and read the definition so that you are familiar with what each bet means.

Straight- This is where you place your bet on either a single number or zero.Split- Your bet is placed on either a horizontal or vertical line that connects 2 numbers.Street-This bet is placed on the outside line on a row of 3 numbers.Corner- You place your bet in the center of 4 numbers where the 4 numbers intersect into a square.Six Line- This is also known as a two street bet. You are placing a bet for 6 numbers in 2 rows of 3 numbers; this bet is on the line dividing 2 rows of 3 numbers.Red/Black, Low/High, Odd/ Even- This is just as it reads. You are betting if the ball will land on a red or black, low (1-18) or high (19-36), odd or even.Column- All 36 numbers are divided into 3 vertical columns. At the top of each column is the number 1, 2 or 3. You place your chip on 1, 2 or 3 to denote which column of numbers the ball will land on.Dozens- This sounds similar to the column bet however you are betting that the ball will land in the 1st dozen (1-12), 2nd dozen (13-24) or 3rd dozen (25-36).

For the more experienced player, Zoom roulette offers French bets. The three types of French bets are below:
Neighbors of Zero- Covers 17 numbers surrounding and including the green 0
Thirds of the Wheel- This covers 12 numbers that are roughly the opposite of the neighbors of zero.Orphans- This covers the remaining 8 numbers not covered above.

Where to Play Zoom Roulette:

There are several different places online that you can play Zoom roulette. Some of these sites may depend on where you are located and some may not. A few of the online casinos are places like Videoslots, Bet365, Classy Coin, and Omni Casino.That is something that you will definitely want to take a look at when going to each site to play.

I personally recommend Video Slots (Not available to Americans, but check out Roulette 5 at WinADay Casino instead.) to play Zoom Roulette. » Games » Zoom Roulette
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