Premium American Roulette

Premium American Roulette is a new variation of the classic American roulette. With better sounds and graphic, the game is designed to give players the “feel” of being in a real casino. The game also has a multiplayer function that allows players to chat with each other while playing. Unlike standard American roulette, the game has a history tracker that lets players see all the past games they have played. The history tracker displays all number or number combinations that the player has chosen as well as the value of bets placed. It provides a complete playing history that summarizes all the wins and loses.

What is unique about Premium American Roulette?

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This roulette game is similar to European and American roulette except that it has an extra double zeros (00) on the roulette wheel. This affects your odds of winning, making it slightly more challenging than other online roulette games. Premium American Roulette was designed for those looking for an extra challenge. There are 38 numbers total, ranging from 00 to 36.


What is particularly special about the multiplayer feature on this game is the fact that you can add a social element to your gaming experience as you play at a virtual table with up to 3 other players. You can chat, interact and place bets against them to replicate the excitement that roulette offers in a real casino.

How is Premium American Roulette played?

The game features a classy Russian interface. The interface is very realistic. Playing is simple and incredibly convenient making it easy to maintain your focus even in games you’ve bet on.

The upper left corner of the screen features a scoreboard showing the latest winning numbers. The screen has a large sector of the wheel where the ball can land. The game also has different settings that allow you to set the speed, adjust game sounds and turn of some bets.

To play Premium American Roulette, place your bet by placing your chips on the appropriate side of the table. Since the game doesn’t limit you to one chip, you can click on as many as you like, up to the allowed maximum. Once the bet is placed, spin the wheel and wait till the ball comes to a halt. If it lands on one of the numbers you choice, you can collect your winnings. You can repeat the play with the same bet or start fresh. To repeat your previous bet, simply click “Rebet” or click “clear bets” to remove previous bets and place a new one.

List of bets

There are plenty of different betting options in Premium American Roulette. They are in many cases, similar to European and American roulette. The options include a “straight bet” on a single number and other simple options such as 50/50 bets on Low/High, Odd/Even and Red/Black. However, the extra zero on the wheel makes playing Premium American Roulette more challenging than playing other roulette games. Inside bets are placed in the chosen number of combination of chosen numbers while outside bets are places on the outer framework of the roulette grid. The sole objective of Premium American Roulette is to place your bet on the number, combination of numbers or color situation you predict the ball will land.

Below is the list of inside bets:-

* Straight up 1 number) – Chip should be placed in the center of the number – odds 35:1.

* Split bet (2 adjacent numbers). Chip should be placed on the line separating the numbers – odds 17:1

* Street bet (3 numbers) – Chip should be placed on the outside line, start of the row – odds 11:1

* Corner bet (4 numbers) – Chip should be placed on the crossing lines centering your numbers. – Odds 8:1

* Five bet (5 numbers) – Chip should be placed on the crossing line between 0 and first row intersect odds 8:1

* Line bet (6 numbers) – Chip should be place Chip is placed on the line above dozen bets between the 2 rows – odds 5:1

The outside bets are:

* Column bet (place bet on 1 of the 3 vertical columns). Chip should be placed at the bottom of the column – odds 2:1.

* Dozen bet (Bet on 12 numbers in the low, middle or high grouping. Chip should be placed on any of the following areas on the board: 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12 – odds 2:1

* Low/High, Even/Odd or Red/Black rates – 1 to 1

You can play Premium American Roulette at All Slots Casino (Not available to Americans, but check out Roulette 5 at WinADay Casino instead.). » Games » Premium American Roulette
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