Roulette Sniper Review

One of the most popular online roulette scams, is a program called Roulette Sniper.

In this article I’m going to explain what Roulette Sniper is, how it works, and why it is a scam. Because trust me – it is. It will not help you make $300 in 2 minutes or whatever other BS promises the creator offers.

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What Is Roulette Sniper?

Roulette Sniper is software available at

It’s a program that promises you that you can win consistently at the game of Roulette. They’re on their secoond version of the Roulette Sniper program, with a whole host of new features. There’s no more progressive betting, and it’s got the likes of single number betting, custom wagering and various different betting opportunities.

It’s brought to us by the morn known as Vince Severson, and if you visit the URL above you’ll see the traditional sales page for many scammy software programs, full of fake programs and false testimonials. Just run a search on tineye for any of the pictures attached to the testimonials and you’ll see them on various other sites where they were stolen from.

How Does Roulette Sniper Work?

I’ll give them credit – they run a very cool looking interface. I mean look at this:


That makes it look very indepth right? Lots of options available etc.

So you first fill in all the details, listing your play style. Then you start playing at an online casino. You spin the wheel at the online casino, and track the numbers that come up.

You keep doing this – and once the system has enough data at times it will tell you when to stop just spinning, and actually bet. So after 5 or 6 spins it might say “Bet 5 on red” and “Bet 5 on the First Row”.

If that bet loses then hey guess what? It’s time to double your bet, and bet 10. And so on and so forth.

Why Is Roulette Sniper A Scam?

It’s a scam for two reasons:

(1) Glorified Martingale System. You’re going to lose big on the Martingale System if you use it, and that’s what Roulette Sniper is. Behind all it’s fancy bells and whistles and interface, all it is, is the martingale betting system.

(2) Based on Gamblers Fallacy. What Roulette Sniper attempts to do, is look for numbers or colours or bets that are “due” to come up. So it looks at the numbers that are up and sees that black has came up 4 times in a row – so it’ll recommend red. That’s all it does. Track the numbers that come up and then advises you to bet.

This is of course completely BS. Every spin is independent of the other – even moreso when it comes to online gambling. This software just doesn’t do what it promises. All it does is track the numbers that have came up then advise you to bet based on cold streaks.

Watch the “proof” videos and you’ll see; the videos are just a minute or two long not showing anything. They especially don’t show when you go on a losing streak – which is going to happen.

Furthermore – the videos he shows are all done at play money tables. If you had this awesome Roulette Sniper system that actually win at online roulette, wouldn’t you be showing it off at the real money tables?

The site and the software is nothing but a scam, and Vince Severson is a complete and utter scumbag.

Avoid this software at all costs. » Systems » Roulette Sniper Review
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