Roulette Killer Review

There are many people out there who want a chance to beat the system and win big at roulette. There are at the same time plenty of roulette software programs out there that claim to help you big at roulette. The makers of such software claim to have decades of experience in playing roulette at both land casinos as well as online casinos. This experience they claim helps them to eliminate the risk of playing roulette.

The makers of roulette software programs claim that when you use their software the results will be very positive. In fact, they claim that their software has betting rule sets that help in beating the odds and the roulette dealer. Roulette Killer is one such roulette software that claims to help you win at roulette. Here is a brief review of this software.

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What Is Roulette Killer

Roulette Killer is a roulette software program that is able to calculate the roulette odds. It does this by taking into account the previous ten numbers and suggesting to you the best shots per spin. This roulette software also focuses more on a select group of numbers instead of specific single numbers. A person called Andy Veerhoven who happens to be a diehard roulette player created this piece of software. He also has one mission and that is to beat the casino using any means that he can.

It took Veerhoven two years to come up with a program, which he called Roulette Killer. This software is programed to do more than one hundred probability calculations for each spin and with the help of some other algorithms, the software promises to predict the next spin at the roulette table. The program has also been created based on data collected over eight years and it also aims to take full advantage of weaknesses in the MD5 randomizer software to help you win at roulette.

How Does Roulette Killer Work?

Roulette Killer can be installed without much hassle. Once installed you can put it to work. The software provides instructions on how to take care of essential settings to set up the program in any way that you like. After loading Roulette Killer, you can log into an online casino and you can then start betting by placing a one-dollar bet on red and you can also bet the same amount on the black.

The moment you do this, the software will start to gather historical information, which it then uses to make its calculations. Once the calculations have been done, you can then start betting in the same way by entering the numbers that is landed on any given spin. As soon as the software finds a profitable combination it will let you know what you should bet on and how much you should bet. This is how the software works.

Roulette Killer is designed to be very user-friendly. It is so easy to use that even a novice can use the software to make money within a few minutes of putting the program to use. If you are an experienced roulette player you will find Roulette Killer to be very helpful. The software is primarily intended for anyone who wants to win big at roulette.

Is Roulette Killer A Scam?


The demo video has been created to convince you that this program does in fact deliver on its promises. However, don’ t be fooled by these demo videos because they were created to allow the creator to manipulate the software to show you how easy it is to win using the system. However, when you actually use the system you will find that it will almost certainly make you lose money, especially in the long term.

The system does not work in the long-term. You must keep in mind that these systems can work in the short term but if you want to use Roulette Killer to make a living then you better think again. The reason why some people think that Roulette Killer is a scam is because the claims made by the maker are false. So, do not expect Roulette Killer to make you profits on a consistent basis.

This system has also not been tested properly enough though the seller claims that this is so. It also pays to keep in mind that the principles on which Roulette Killer has been created are not professional. Many complaints have been received about Roulette Killer. This should warn would-be buyers to exercise care when trusting the claims made by Roulette Killer. This software has a low cost price and so one will be tempted to give the software a spin. However, one should not expect much from Roulette Killer and though you can afford its price, in the long term you might well rue your decision to buy this software as you will certainly lose more money than you can afford to. » Systems » Roulette Killer Review
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