Roulette Exploit Review

If you have had the opportunity to play roulette for many years, you might have already used many different roulette systems to maximize your wins, including paid ones. Some systems are real, others come and go, while others are absolute fakes. You need to be very careful not to fall for popular roulette scams that are found on the internet.

Roulette Exploit is one of the most popular roulette scams. Before you spend your hard earned money on it, take your time to read this unbiased review to find out what it is all about, how it works, and why it is one of the biggest roulette scams. It is not going to help you make lots of money in a short time or whatever other BS that you might have heard or read about it somewhere else.

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What Is Roulette Exploit?

Roulette Exploit is a program that promises to help you beat online roulette, and it is available at Even though it is understandable that the house edge in roulette can be quite hard to overcome in a random scenario, this system promises you consistent wins. It promises to do this by taking advantage of a ‘flaw’ in the formula that is used for generating random numbers at various online casinos. The Roulette Exploit creators claim that they can make the random numbers cease to be random and also overcome or exploit the house edge and enable you to have consistent wins at roulette.

Most of the claims made by the creators of this system are too good to be true. In fact, you can start questioning the credibility of the system by simply gauging the kind of sales pitch that they are using to market this system on the aforementioned website. It does not look any different from other scam websites that lure people into giving away their hard earned money with the idea that they will have easy wins at casinos.

On the website mentioned above, they have listed websites that they claim use this software to amass big wins to players. But it is very contradicting that in the same page, the creators are advising you not to win too much at the same casinos that they have listed. They claim that playing too much when you are using their system may arouse suspicion that may cause your account to be flagged. If indeed it were a genuine system, there would be no need to dodgy with it when playing roulette.

How Does Roulette Exploit Work?

I will be lying when I say that this system does not have a catchy user interface, so I will give credit where it belongs. But this is typical of most scam programs. They are created to purely look genuine when in real sense they are not.

Before you start using it, you will need to fill in your details and then list your play style. After this, you will need to choose the casino of your choice, preferably from the list that they have provided on the above-mentioned website. Every time you spin the wheel at the casino, you will need to keep track of the numbers that show.

You will need to continue spinning the wheel and tracking the numbers until the system has enough data. The Roulette Exploit will tell you when to stop spinning the wheel and place your bet. You are advised to bet on even chances, which are colors ‘Black’ or ’Red’. The odds are about 49:51 because of the availability of 0 on the wheel. This is a 2.7 percent house advantage. The system turns this 2.7% to your advantage, and not the casinos.

Why Is Roulette Exploit A Scam?

There are many reasons that prove that this system is a complete scam, but the following are the main two:

Contradicting Information: While the creators of this software promise that it can help you amass big wins, they also go ahead to tell you that you are not supposed spend more than 40-50 minutes at each roulette table. This tells you that there is something fishy about the system. You are also advised not to win too much at the casinos every day, which makes you wonder whether you will be using the system to benefit or loose.

Based on a Fallacy: The idea that this system is built on is too good to be true. You are supposed to track numbers that come up, after which the system advises you to bet. There is no assurance that this will guarantee big wins.

Roulette Exploit is of course completely BS. You would rather use your hard earned money to do something else than spend on it. The creators themselves have indicated clearly on the aforementioned website that casinos fix these exploits as soon as they find them, which shows that they are not even sure about how credible the system is. » Systems » Roulette Exploit Review
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