Money Maker Machine Review

Roulette is a game of chance. Filled with anticipation and mystery, it is more dangerous than the rest – no wonder people flock to it! While this game can help you win big, it can also make you lose. Filled with the unlikeliest odds, this is the trickiest game of the lot. While it is simple in structure, it has the most complex betting system in place. This also makes it one of the most difficult games out there. But what if there was a software that could help you be more certain of these odds?

Money Maker Machine promises just that, but so do many other softwares. No wonder most people are skeptical about it. After all, most softwares are often scams aimed at looting you. They are filled with sky high promises, bound to disappoint you. MMM, though considered different by many users, isn’t so (big surprise!)

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What is Money Maker Machine?

Money Maker Machine is an online roulette betting software that is available on:

MMM promises to help you beat the odds when playing online Roulette. However, it can only be used at Playtech casinos. While the website has a list of places you can bet at, this system does not work beyond these few names.

It is a betting software that is extremely flexible and offers plenty of options when it comes to strategies. This makes it look far more effective than it is. With thousands of strategies at your disposal as well as the ability to enter your own strategy, this feels extremely legitimate to many users.
As the cherry on top of the cake, MMM also comes equipped with softwares which will help suggest the best roulette elements for your next round. It comes with several different programs such as the RBS, DCS, RSS and RSS Pro. Due to this, it is considered the best software available. However, since most of the others offer no results, this perhaps slightly increases your chances. Hardly a software to invest in, it gets its name by simply not promising much to begin with.

How Does Money Maker Machine Work?

If your betting strategy is based on Red and Black, then RBS is the option for you. However, if you want to base your strategy on columns and dozens then DCS fits the bill. But if you’re the more open kind and would rather base your strategy on all roulette elements, then RSS is your calling. If, on selecting either, you don’t have a strategy to play, then you can select one from the hundreds available on the MMM server. These are each well known strategies, already in use by players across the world.

Moreover, RSS and RSS Pro allow you to create Roulette Robots. However, once you’ve entered your strategies, you can kick back and relax. Let the software do the betting for you from that point on. While this may sound incredible, it is a simple advantage that most online betting websites offer. In this manner, you are able to do less work, but a win is in no way guaranteed. In fact, this is a great way to lose money without even realizing, since you won’t be playing the game at all!

While softwares such as the RNG-Studio, the AVSB-Console and the AVSB Pro-Console analyze the game and data to help predict the likeliest odds, these too are a bad attempt at marketing. Their calculations are no different from the ones you yourself can do. They analyze the trend of numbers to suggest which roulette element to bet on next. This may seem complicated, but don’t let yourself be fooled. These softwares are basically a more technical way of making a guess. Since online Roulette uses a randomizing software, MMM’s guess is no better than a rookie’s.

Is Money Maker Machine a Scam?

This software is definitely a scam. Since it cannot guarantee a win each time, it markets itself on increasing your likelihood of winning. This is just a fancy way of saying it will bet for you. After all, every time you place a bet, you have the likelihood or winning as well as losing. Unlike many of the betting softwares out there, MMM does not not promise you the impossible. This is perhaps one of the main pros of this software. It is honest, therefore by not promising you the best results, you may think it’s still delivering on its word. After all, you didn’t win the last game or the game before that, but hey, don’t you think you almost won both times? » Systems » Money Maker Machine Review
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4 Roulette games, Table Mania Tuesdays!