Online Roulette For Beginners

If you’re a beginner to Roulette and have never played it before, or played it only a few times then you’re no doubt overwhelmed by all of the online casinos out there, and all the variations of online roulette games.

I mean let’s take a minute to look at the online casinos. There are literally HUNDREDS of online casinos available to you. How do you know who is trustworthy? Or who offers the best roulette games? You don’t want to sign up at some casino with very poor roulette software when there’s much better options out there.

Then there’s the games. You’re just wanting to learn roulette, right? Place some bets for either play money or real money, and understand how it works and what betting options there are. You don’t WANT 5 wheels of Roulette. You don’t WANT live dealers and pressure. You just want to take your time. That’s understandable.

#1 Roulette Casino for Americans
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And I’m here to help!

First of all if you’re a beginner to online roulette, or roulette in general, I have a very solid Roulette for Dummies section that you will like. This goes over EVERYTHING about Roulette and you will be able to tell my passion for the game – I can write just about anything related to the game of Roulette.

Now in regard to playing online roulette for the very first time – what you want to do is simple: play the basic roulette games at the best online casinos. It’s that simple – use the best software, and learn both American Roulette and European Roulette. Nothing else! Just focus on those two and take your time. If you really want to, add in French Roulette as well.

With that, let’s talk about the best online casinos to play roulette at if you are a beginner:

Classy Coin Casino: (Closed down - Americans we recommend WinADay, everyone else we recommend Video Slots): Classy Coin Casino has a great selection for you to try as they deal with the basics, plus have a slight variation. Classy Coin offers American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette. So you have the three basic games, and they don’t go crazy with variations of them either – it’s those 3; ’nuff said.

They also offer Multiplayer Roulette as well however. To me that is a great option to have for new players – once you feel comfortable playing by yourself, you can then start joining others and don’t worry if you’re slow or anything – it’s all anonymous and you won’t affect the game at all.

The other reason is the $10 no deposit bonus that we have for you to play Roulette at. So that means you don’t even have to be restricted to play money – you can play for REAL cash without actually risking anything.

You simply register an account and get your $10 free. For all the details of that, check out Classy Coin Casino: (Closed down - Americans we recommend WinADay, everyone else we recommend Video Slots).

High Noon Casino: This is one of my favourite casinos due to the graphical interface. It only offers American Roulette and European Roulette – but hey, that’s perfect for a beginner roulette player right?

On top of that, High Noon offers a $60 free bonus – no deposit needed for that. So that’s a really sweet deal. It really does help for new players to be playing with real money when starting – and even better when you don’t have to risk anything. So be sure to take advantage of that, and they offer both a downloadable casino AND an instant play casino that works in your browser.

So if you’re on Windows, Mac etc it doesn’t matter – High Noon Casino will work for you.

Online Roulette for Beginners Summary:

As I said to open – there are many, many other online casinos out there. There are so many more games too. For example, Paddy Power Casino (Not available to Americans, but check out Roulette 5 at WinADay Casino instead.) offers games like Wild Viking, Marvel Roulette and Triple Bonus Spin Roulette. Then a casino like WinADay Casino offers both Roulette 5 and La Roulette, which is multiple wheels at once.

These casinos might tempt you – but don’t go for it. They’re both great casinos, but you really need to take it slow and learn the game at Classy Coin and High Noon Casino first. Once you’re a lot more comfortable with Roulette, know all of the odds inside and out – then you’re ready to try all the different variations out that. » Online » Online Roulette For Beginners
#1 Roulette Casino for Americans
4 Roulette games, Table Mania Tuesdays!