Royal Roulette

Royal Roulette serves as a new and exciting addition to mobile games app collection. This particular app is a must have for anyone who loves roulette games. Not only does the game allow you to enjoy the American game style, you are also guaranteed a chance to enjoy the European gaming style.

If you love casino Roulette experience then you will truly love royal roulette. Besides being exciting, playing the game is generally very easy. All that you need to do is simply to push your poker chips onto the roulette table and then initiate the game using the play button. The game is a perfect way to kill time while waiting for the bus or train anytime of the day without worry about losing any real money since the game is absolutely free, there is absolutely no real money involved in playing.

In addition to the above, the game will also allow you to enjoy various social aspects of gaming alongside very high bonuses.

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What Is Royal Roulette?

Royal Roulette simply refers to a new table game that has completely re-invented the wheel by incorporating the two most successful, exciting and recognizable table gaming formats presently common in the casino industry. The game is very simple and easy to play. The main objective of the game is predicting the outcome of the ball and being able to make a winning wager for points based on your prediction.

Royal Roulette Features

The game is characteristic of several amazing features which include the fact that:-

i. It supports both European and American roulette gaming styles seamlessly. In fact, it is very easy to make the switch between these two gaming styles and their respective settings.

ii. The last five numbers as well as full number statistics across the game are available. In addition to this, there are also live bots which serve to play along with you with the sole aim of giving you the same feeling of an online multiplayer roulette table.

iii. There are several shops where you can buy different virtual items. There is also a leader board for easy viewing of worldwide (and country wise) rankings specifically for virtual money or any other items that as a player you buy from the shop.

iv. A hall of fame which features famous players from different gaming categories.

v. High definition graphics supported by all popular mobile platforms such as the iPhone, iPad etc this in turn serves as a guarantee to easily place bets and easily read through.

vi. Ability to compare personal gaming scores with other friends from other social networks

How to Play

Playing Royal roulette is very easy. First off, you start by wagering a certain amount of virtual currency and from there you proceed to place your bets on the roulette table. Once this is done, the roulette wheel is spun into motion. You may win or lose big depending on where the ball finally lands. Just like any other player, you will be able to build up your winnings overtime.

Royal roulette Rules

According to the rules of royal roulette, players are expected to guess the possible winning numbers and consequently make their winning bets in accordance to the gaming rules. Rules include the fact that:

i. Immediately after placing your bets, the ball is spun and after it stops the dealer officially announces the winning number and consequently distributes the payments while at the same time keeping all lost bets.

ii. Inside bets are placed on any single number from 1 to 36 or alternatively on a small group of numbers either from 2 to 6 depending on their vicinity.

iii. Outside bets are placed either on colors red and black, low or high numbers etc
Note: inside bets tend to be more profitable and are equally risky. Outside bets on the other hand are less risky even though they tend to pay less.

Royal roulette Review

Royale Roulette is distinguished from other common roulette games considering it offers players easier chances to increase their winning points. This is clearly evident from the fact bets can easily be made beside the main bet as well as inside and outside. If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to pass time then play royal roulette. » Mobile » Royal Roulette
#1 Roulette Casino for Americans
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