Roulette – Casino Style

There are 100’s, if not 1000’s of gaming sites on the Internet; all vying for our attention in what could be suggested is the second oldest profession of all time. The oldest profession needs no introduction, and ever since of the discovery of a purely random outcome from an event, gambling has been a part of human existence. And in a relatively short period of time, online gaming and roulette have exploded in front of us.

Today, there are the serious gamblers, and there are the recreational gamblers, such as yours truly, who enjoy a great game of roulette. As many of us live in far-flung places, where casinos may not be available, or we just want the comfort and privacy of playing roulette from the easy chair in the living room, online roulette is a wonderful alternative.

And what have we found? Roulette Casino Style that is available on any Android platform and can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store. Strap on, and get your kicks from Roulette – Casino Style from the Google Play Store.

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Roulette – Casino Style

Roulette Casino Style was easily downloaded from the Google Play Store, and not knowing what to expect, the quality of the graphics and voices were surprisingly good.

Brought to the gaming world by Mywavia Studios, Roulette – Casino Style provides two gaming options. The first is American Style Roulette and the second is the European Style.

Clicking on the Roulette – Casino Style icon, brought up the first screen with a character of a beautiful woman, trying to entice you to continue to the game. Picking the America Style, brought up a screen that looked what would be the same as looking straight down on a roulette table in a Vegas Casino, or elsewhere, where one may play the game.

Roulette – Casino Style Features

The Roulette – Casino Style game features the opportunity to play against other people. In the virtual world, just about anything is possible, and adding betting from others to the game, brought a touch of realism to the play. Now, if they could only figure out how to add service to the play that would be the ultimate.

Roulette – Casino Style and How to Play the Game

The game is played the same as any real casino roulette game. The table and the wheel look the same as a real version, and one places bets just as in a real game. The wheel spins, the pea circles and drops into the inspecting numbered slight, with the players all hoping the pea drops into the right slot.

Only one drawback to the play are the pop-up advertisements. Periodically, an advertisement will pop up, which can easily be removed. Removing the advertisement brings one to a bingo game window, with an enticement of more chips if the new game is downloaded. Getting back to the Roulette-Casino Style game though, is easily accomplished, and the interruption is more than compensated for by the opportunity to play the game with some virtual world competition.

Roulette – Casino Style Rules of the Game

The Roulette – Casino Style game provides $50,000 in chips as a start. Playing for about 30 minutes brought up an even money situation, which was satisfying, rather than getting wiped out and having to wait for another day for the free chips.

The rules are straightforward and emulate the game at any casino. Slide a chip onto the table and to any number position. The graphics of the chips makes them easily moved, and when in place, just tap on the chip to change the value to the amount desired. Continue with this practice until the full amount of a bet is on the table.

The placement of the bets follows a real roulette game, with Straight, Split, Street, Square, Six, Column, Dozen and Even-Money Bets all being part of the game. Odds begin at 35 to 1 and go down to 1 to 1 with Even-Money Bets.

Tap on the spin button to begin the turn, or wait patiently for 15 seconds and the play will begin automatically. Winning or losing, there is no need to do anything, as the built-in graphics quickly move your winnings or losses to the correct location.

The rule that is most important – try to win. But using play money, takes the risk out of having fun with the game, which is no different than the real game, other than the anxiety level is much less due to “no risk”. And in many instances, that is a good position to be in.

Roulette – Casino Style Review

Overall, the game deserves a 9.5 out of 10. This is purely subjective, but the game is well designed, the graphics and voices are excellent, and the opportunity to play with other combatants added to the realism of the game. The advertisements, which are not that bothersome, are the only reason for dropping half a point.

Give Roulette – Casino Style a go, and you will enjoy it. » Mobile » Roulette – Casino Style
#1 Roulette Casino for Americans
4 Roulette games, Table Mania Tuesdays!