Roulette 3D Classic (Android)

Step into a realistic environment to play roulette with Bharathi Guptha’s Roulette 3D Classic. Designed for your android phone, Roulette 3D is nicely drawn-up version of the classic casino. If you want to enjoy the thril of real casino on your android phone, this game is a must have on your device. Featuring a realistic graphical representation, Roulette 3D Classic brings you a exceptional casino gaming experience all in the comfort of your home. Now, have all the fun and excitement of 3D roulette game a your fingertips.

About Roulette 3D Classic:

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Roulette 3D Classic is a 3D version of the classic old casino game. It offers the gamers a more realistic and lifelike experience of playing roulette. This version features special three-dimensional graphic representation that sets its bit apart from other non 3D roulette games. The lifelike animation with fantastic high quality 3D graphics provide gamer a unique gaming experience. It’s simple rules provide an immediate access to the beginner as well as the professional players. The game is available in both card and board versions, and is suitable for all ages.

Features of Roulette 3d Classic:

Roulette 3D classic is an easy to play casino game which has not been made too complicated by loading it with unnecessary features. Having said, it does have some interesting features. Amongst the features, the game offers the option to choose from one of the three roulette tables – American, European and French. The player can choose from the various options of min and max betting amount for the game that they wish to play. The games also features bonus round, which is available only after waiting for specific time. The game also features background music, which makes an effort to create the casino environment for you while playing on your mobile or tablet.

How to play Roulette 3D Classic:

Roulette 3D Classic is simple and easy to play. For some users, the 3D version may sound a bit intimidating, but actually the game is quite straightforward. The game starts with players placing their bets on the table. You can select the amount you want to bet by clicking on the chip of that denomination. Once you have placed your bets, spin the wheel by pressing the ‘Spin button’. When the ball comes to rest, the marker denotes the winning number. It gives you the option of doubling the betting amount or increasing the amount, and the re-buy window allows you to re-buy the same or more amount.

The screen allows you to check your game balance, winning amount and the total amount of bet placed. With the exit option, you can come out of the game.


Roulette is a simple game where winning is dependent on element of luck. The roulette tables vary slightly based on your selection of American, French or European table. The French or European roulette has 37 numbers to bet upon whereas the American table has 38 numbers in total. The difference is that American table has not just a zero but a double zero has well. The players are supposed to make bets on a single number or on multiple numbers, subject to the min and max betting limits. On spinning the roulette, the number on which the ball lands, the dealer marks that number as the winning number and sweeps away the rest of the bets placed on other numbers. The dealer pays out winnings for the bets placed on the winning number. The bets can be placed either inside or outside. The inside bets are placed on the numbers portion of the board, whereas the outside bets are placed on groupings or categorization of these numbers. Outside bets are only concerned with 1 to 36 numbers and not 0 and 00. In outside bets, the player can bet on odd or even or based on red or black colors. Needless to say, the payoff for these differs from inside bets. In outside bets one can also bet on 1st, 2nd or 3rd group of 12 numbers. The players can also bet on first half of the numbers (1 to 18) or the second half of numbers (19 to 36).


If you want to gain the similar experience and atmosphere as found in physical casino, Bharathi Guptha offers this revolutionary option. With its high quality 3D effects and refined gaming environment, you can enjoy the futuristic experience on your device anytime, any where you want. The game is simple and easy to play. The best differ a bit with the type of table you choose. Pull up a seat at the 3D Roulette Classic game and give the spinner a whirl. » Mobile » Roulette 3D Classic (Android)
#1 Roulette Casino for Americans
4 Roulette games, Table Mania Tuesdays!