High Roller Roulette Android App

Casino games are one of the most popular to be downloaded on the Google Play store, so much that many types of them have been made, in an effort to please the audience. These casino games all range in size, type, and price, which makes it sometimes overwhelming when one is deciding to buy or download one from the app store. A common type of casino game for many to buy are roulette games, mobile casino games that aim to replicate the feel that is so common in actual casino games, specifically the ones in Vegas. Among the many other roulette games on there, is High Roller Roulette, one of these casino games that is developed by Kisama Gaming. For those who do not know what this game is, or if they are wondering on whether or not they should buy it, here is all the information available for High Roller Roulette.

What Is High Roller Roulette?

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In essence, High Roller Roulette is a roulette casino games on the Google Play store that is similar to the other casino games that are also out there. With 100 downloads, and a 4.7 out of 5 with three reviews, High Roller Roulette is almost hidden under the massive amount of other casino games that are also out there. Though High Roller Roulette is very similar to the other casino roulette games out there, there are some features that are exclusive to this type of roulette game.

High Roller Roulette Features

When you start the game, you get the option of playing now, or browsing the leaderboards. The game is very organized in this respect, and it features dazzling graphics that would remind one of roulette games found across the country. Playing now gives you the option to bet a variety of amounts, while browsing the leaderboards gives you the current ranks of those also playing the game. Unlike other roulette games out there, High Roller Roulette does not seem to have any multiplayer features.

How Do You Play High Roller Roulette?

Playing High Roller Roulette is simple to understand, since there are only two options available for the player when they start the game, it is far from difficult. When you start the game, you get the option of playing now, or checking the leaderboards. Playing now will give you the option to bet on the game, in which you can place a bet on one or several roulette spots on the board. You usually start out with about 50,000, in which you can build on this amount by successfully winning roulette spins. The chips range in value, from 25k-250k. You can bet a maximum of 250,000 at one time, in order to get the best return.

What Are The High Roller Roulette Rules?

The High Roller Roulette rules are pretty similar to understand, as they pretty much mirror the regular rules in roulette. You get a max of 250,000 to be bet per spin, and you start out with 50,000. You can choose to buy more chips, if you have run out of your balance. There doesn’t seem to be any rules that are in this game, that aren’t true in other roulette games.

Is This Game Worth Downloading?

A question for many is, is this game worth downloading? Many games are on the Google Play store, some of which are just a waste of time and download space. In other cases, however, the game can provide hours of entertainment, fun that can be addicting for many. Higher Roulette is somewhere in the middle, as it isn’t boring, but it isn’t as exciting as the other casino games out there. While the game itself is fun to play, and rewarding to those who place and win large bets, since it doesn’t have a multiplayer system, some may find Higher Roulette to be boring after a while. The features on this game are not that unique, and the leaderboard system seems to be a waste since so few of people have downloaded this game. However, for those looking for a casual roulette game without much thought, they may find High Roller Roulette to be a good game for them. High Roller Roulette is perfect for casual roulette gamers, but for those looking for a little more, they may be sorely disappointed. » Mobile » High Roller Roulette Android App
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4 Roulette games, Table Mania Tuesdays!