Real Roulette with Caroline

The February 2020 table game Real Roulette with Caroline, whose developer is Real Dealer Studios, features a pre-recorded real-life dealer—an actress named Caroline, thus its title. This European roulette-like game is in the serialized “Real Roulette”, alongside:

Real Roulette with Bailey (2020), Real Roulette with Courtney (2021), Real Roulette with Dave (July 2021), Real Roulette with George (July 2021), Real Roulette with Holly (2020), Real Roulette with Matthew (March 2021), Real Roulette with Rishi (August 2021), Real Roulette con Angela (August 2021), Real Roulette con Laura (November 2021), Real Roulette con Tomas (November 2021), Real Spooky Roulette (September 2021), Real Christmas Roulette (November 2021), Real Auto Roulette (October 2020), and Real Roulette with Sarati (November 2021).

Real Roulette with Caroline Game Characteristics

Pressing “play” icon reveals Real Roulette with Caroline’s simple gray interface, with an outspread betting grid that switches to an outstretched racetrack on clicking the oval icon at bottom left. First, players are prompted to “select chip value” from a choice of thirteen casino chips: $1/4, $1/2, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, 25, $50, $100, $200, $500, and $1K.

Classified under three sets of bets, Real Roulette with Caroline’s 28 bet types consist of eight table bets, four call bets, and ten special bets. Table bets: straight up, split, street, square, and line inside bets; and column (topmost, middle and bottom “2TO1” columns), dozen (1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12), and even-money (1-18/19-36, black/red, and even/odd outside bets.

Call bets: les orphelins; tiers du cylindre; les voisins du zero; and 0-9 neighbors. Accessed via the starry “favorites” icon at bottom left, the special bets are: black splits, red splits, les voisins du zero, les orphelins, zero game, snake, tiers du cylindre, orphelins plein, 007, and random 7.

These are Real Roulette with Caroline’s bet limits. Minimum bet/table limit: 1/4, or $0.25. The maximum bet limits: $125.00 for straight up; $250.00 for split; $375.00 for street; $500.00 for square; $625.00 for line; $875.00 for column, or dozen; and $1000.00 for even-money bet.

Others: $1125.00 for les orphelins; $1500.00 for tiers du cylindre; $2125.00 for les voisins du zero; and between $125.00 to $2375.00 for 0-9 neighbors. Maximum table limit: $54500.00.

These are the Real Roulette with Caroline payouts: 35:1 for straight up; 17:1 for split bet; 11:1 for three-line; 8:1 for corner; 5:1 for six-line; 2:1 for column or dozen; and 1:1 for red or black, odd or even, or low or high. The non-progressive jackpot: $64500.00.

A low volatility HTML5 game, the Real Roulette with Caroline’s players can set their own favorite bets. Icons: X2 double, undo, clear, and spin. A pie chart shows the cold and hot numbers—in percentages or natural numbers— for the last 100 rounds. Its game history includes weekly login sessions with time and balance change. Ambient sounds: casino sounds. Sound effects: Caroline’s voice, chinking, rattling, and jingling.

The on/off slow motion aside; there are high, medium, or low video quality options for the cinematographic HD video clips that include a captivating introductory video of the welcoming dealer Caroline and immersive views with different zoomed angle shots of the spinning wheel and its rotating ball.

Luck in Real Roulette with Caroline

Real Roulette with Caroline’s winning numbers are randomly generated. RTP rate: 97.30%. House edge: 2.70%. » Games » Real Roulette with Caroline
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