Lucky Roulette Numbers

Many people throughout the world spent a lot of their gambling days trying to hit those roulette lucky numbers.

Europeans have a harder time, though, as the European roulette hasn’t got the number zero. What this does is that it tips the odds in the house’s favor as the winning chances are of just 2.7%. The American roulette, however, has the 00, which makes the odds a bit bigger, as they are of roughly 5.26%

You’ll notice that some numbers are called more often than others, so what’s the deal? Are there any lucky numbers you should be betting on?

Throughout this article, we’ll try to answer just that question.

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The Most Common Bets: What Numbers Do People Usually Bet On?
Casino games and superstition go hand to hand as players seem to have their own gaming rituals. One of the stats many players like to know about is whether the red or black colors are on a roll, but they also try to find out about hot and cold numbers.

With so many people thinking and feeling the same way about this game, there are some numbers people usually bet on, and so we decided to go ahead and find them out.

After analysis, we discovered the following numbers are the most popular:

· 17: Maybe because the number is located at a “sweet spot” right in the table’s center.

· 23 and 24: When looking over the table really quick, 23, along with 24, are the numbers that are naturally drawing the most gazes.

· 7: Lucky number 7 anyone? Every gambler loves this number, and those who don’t it is mainly because it is so popular.

These are the most popular numbers, but does that mean they’re lucky? Hard to tell, but they are certainly hot picks.

Unpopular Roulette Numbers: The Cold Picks
Since we’ve analyzed the hottest numbers, we thought many of you would also enjoy knowing what the cold numbers are, so we decided to go ahead and learn about those as well.

With no surprise, we found out there are a few numbers that are very uncommon bets, and they are:

· 13: Unlucky Thirteen is here for obvious reasons, and it is the least popular bet of the game.

· 00: The way it is placed on the table gives it an isolation feel that players seem to avoid. As such, zero is very unpopular as well.

· 6: It’s hard to tell why this number isn’t popular, it just isn’t. Maybe because if you write three of those in a row you get the beast’s number.

· 34: Experienced players always rant about how unlucky 34 is. Myth, pop-culture or truth, you’ll know once you bet there a few times.

With all of this research, we found out about cold and hot numbers, but we also found out that there is no scientific theory behind some numbers over others, which is disappointing.

However, we found out some hints you can use to maximize your chance of success and to know what the Lucky Numbers are on certain roulettes.

The Lucky Roulette Numbers Based on History:
As we’ve specified earlier, there is no scientific theory that shows some numbers are preferable than others, but there is some evidence of certain elements that may influence the numbers you get on a certain roulette, so we thought about explaining these arguments to you.

· The dealer: The roulette’s dealer has a huge part in the number that comes out. Most dealers always rotate the device with the same speed and arm motion every time.

· The Roulette’s Flaws: Mechanical flaws, lack of oil, small crevasses on the game’s surface that aren’t visually seen and other elements may affect the outcome of each play.

· The Roulette’s Past History: Each roulette has these flaws, so you’re better off studying individual roulette’s play histories.

One element that is particularly important though is the dealer. As stated, each dealer has a unique arm swing motion and a set strength he uses to spin the device, so try to study the area of the roulette that comes out after he launches the roll, and match your bets accordingly.

You’ll be looking at a much higher chance of success.

We hope this post has helped you in your quest to find out about more tips and tricks to win on one of the most passionate casino games ever designed.

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