5 Roulette Variants that are more Fun than Traditional Roulette

Simplicity and the capability to evoke high levels of excitement make up the reasoning behind roulette’s rise and domination of casino games popularity “chart”. The popularity of the game has transcended brick and mortar casinos to stake a claim in the online world. Referred to as the “crack cocaine” of the gambling world online roulette provides a perfect mix of traditional roulette and technology. This has led to the creation of different variations of the game that have taken the excitement to a whole other level. Listed are some interesting variations of the classic out there:

Pinball Roulette

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This game is a perfect mix of nostalgic childhood fun and some of the best adulthood thrill. The addition of a bonus round makes this game the true definition of addictive. The basic concept this game is much like the others, predict which number the ball lands on. To make your perdition you must first select your bet amount then proceed to make your bet which can be an individual slot or group, red or black and even or odd numbers.

Winning is awesome but this game takes winning to a whole other level as winning bets qualify for the bonus round whereby you can gamble your winnings for up to a 10x multiplier. This is a high risk and high pay situation as the ball could fall straight through and you shall lose all your winnings. After you click the gamble button each bumper the ball hits has a different multiplier amount and in the end, they are added up together to calculate your total winnings.

Multi Wheel Roulette

Want to make the most out of your buck? Then, this is the game for you. This seriously action packed game offers multi-wheel spins for one bet. Different casinos have their own version of the game with different numbers of wheels. It might sound complex but the game is simpler than you think as its basic concept is playing numerous games at once. You just need to place a single bet for example if you have six wheels and your bet is one dollar on black which makes your total bet six dollars. After that click on spin, cross your fingers and hope the odds are in your favour.

Marvel Roulette

This usually creative concept takes the whole concept of blending modern slot games and traditional roulette to a whole other mind-blowing level. The jackpot game features a number of Marvel characters that you can bet on and if you win the bet you get a bonus round. The bonus round features a slot game that is based on the marvel character of your choice with the highest potential payout being on spider man with 100x your original bet. Every winning spin in the game usually offers the Marvel 4-way mystery progressive jackpot and a chance to win a whole lot of money.

Mini Roulette

This is a miniature version of the original game that has taken the online world by storm. The game is a simplified version of its forefather with thirteen compartments on the roulette wheel as opposed to the traditional thirty-six. The thirteen compartments/slots feature numbers 1 to 12 and a single zero with six being red and six black. Along with the size, the payouts have also been scaled down to 11:1 as opposed to 35:1.

The popularity of the game stems from its miniature size which makes it easier for players to win on bets as well as long shots. The game provides the same thrill and excitement traditional roulette brings to the table without an overwhelming number of slots to choose from.

Live roulette

Fancy the thrill, excitement and sheer spirit of competition present in the casino? Well, live roulette allows you to enjoy your favourite casino game without the worry of an unfair system when it comes to the roulette spins. Live roulette basically gives you all the perks of being in a physical casino without living the comfort of your couch or underwear. This variation of roulette uses a real dealer, wheel and ball which are streamed to via a high-quality webcam. The cameras provide you with the perfect view of all that is happening and you place your bets by clicking on the table before the wheel spin. » Blog » 5 Roulette Variants that are more Fun than Traditional Roulette
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4 Roulette games, Table Mania Tuesdays!